Host cold war bot lobbys for you and your friends to unlock camos, emblems and weapons.

We offer private and public bot lobby tools with an extensive range of features so you can get the most out of your cw cold war bot lobby tools, Our tools are created from some of the best developers available and we give all of our customer and new guests quality 24/7 support from experienced cheaters that can fix your every problem.

Our cold war bot lobby tools come with cheat features like Aimtbot – ESP – Speedhack that you can use in ranked matches.

Devil Cold war:

  • Multiplayer Lobby
  • Zombie Lobby
  • God-mode (Applies to lobby)
  • Unlimited Ammo (Applies to lobby)
  • Unlimited Cash (Applies to lobby)
  • XP Multiplier Slider [ 1 to 3 (Normal) and 1 to 1000 (Pro)]
  • Speed hack (Applies to lobby)
  • Invisibility (Zombies Only)
  • Instakill (Zombies Only)
  • Teleport (Both bots and Zombies)

Why choose us ?

  • We give the best customer support we can, we will not leave you untill you can load the product without any issues.
  • We have minimum downtime, If the loader is offline it will be updated before you know it.
  • Dedicated private discord with friendly users that will answer your every question.
  • Times compensated incase of Downtime. (You will not lose time if the loader is offline)
  • Detailed setup and error guides for each of the loaders.

Join us!

Create an account to browse our products, You can join out public discord at anytime.
We have a friendly community that are happy to answer any question you have.
Once you have made a purchase you will get an invite to our private communitys.

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