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If you have played Escape from Tarkov, you will know it is one of the most realistic, punishing games in the survival genera. A hardcore first person shooter based in Russia, where you complete raids and complete tasks for your traders, there are no waypoints or notifications helping you along, if you die in a raid you will lose everything you had equipped. You must lean the Exit location, Loot locations, the paths players take, bot paths…. The learning curve is massive if you want to survive in the world of Tarkov. This is why we have worked with developers to create Escape from Tarkov cheats to help anyone that may be having a hard time. Our cheats will do everything from help you aim your weapon to the enemy’s head, to showing you the location of every player, bot and loot item on the whole map.  If you are interested, head over to our store page to discover the features and media for all our cheats.

Even seasoned players have a hard time with EFT, if you have watched any Tarkov streams you will see even the best players failing. Because of this a big number of players turn to EFT hacks. The cheats generally consists of Aimbot software to make their aim AI like, or use ESP to show the locations of loot and players giving them a massive gameplay advantage. The cheats can be used in many ways ad are used by a wide range of the EFT community, from players just looking for some extra fun to boosters selling items in the black market. 

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2 types of Escape from Tarkov Aimbots are possible, Silent Aim, Lock Aim. Silent aim will ignore all bullet psychics and kill anyone in your direction, you will see a circle called the FOV on your screen when using the EFT aimbot, use the slider to increase the size and anyone inside the FOV on your screen will be killed regardless of the weapon direction.

Lock Aimbot will allow you to choose a target of the enemy, usually the Head, Neck, Chest or Legs, the aimbot will hard lock onto the enemy making your gun point directly onto them and you have to manually fire, this EFT aimbot comes with settings like Smoothing and Prediction. Smoothing will make your gun drag when you lock onto an enemy, making the lock look humanized. Prediction will calculate the direction or speed the enemy is running and predict where to fire the gun on a moving target. 


One of the most used features is the EFT Wallhack ESP, seeing through walls and loot at any distance is a dream any Tarkov player would want and boosters love it!.. You can use custom ESP loot filters to decide which loot you want to display on your screen, no matter the distance, if the loot has spawned on the map you will see it. You can choose from price filters if you only want to display high value items, we have made it as simple and and profitable as possible. but not only loot, with our eft cheats you can see the location of every player on your map with detailed information about each one. The Escape from Tarkov cheats will tell you what gun they are holding, the distance of that player, the level, KD ratio and health. It will also single out your team mates or even ignore them preventing accidental team kills. The best thing is you don’t have to use every feature, when you load the EFT cheat by default every feature is disabled, you can choose what you want to enable or disable, if you want to play with aimbot only you can. If you want to use it to find Loot only, you can. We have tried to make everything possible for all play styles. 

Our cheats are created be the most talented minds in the cheating industry, Anti cheats work hard to stop Escape from Tarkov cheats, but we work even harder to evade those party’s and keep delivering to our users. If you are using EFT cheats from other copy providers you will eventually get banned and lose your account. Although we always recommend not to use EFT  hacks on your main account this is because a ban is always possible at any time, but we guarantee our developer use the strongest bypasses and methods currently available for the current technology we have. Our developers consists of a small connected group of people creating cheats for about every game over 10 years. 

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Undetected Quality EFT hacks

As mentioned above we don’t fool around when it comes to the safety of our cheats, our team has 10+ Years experience in bypassing Anti cheats. The game developers and Anti cheat company’s do a great job detecting EFT hacks and taking them offline, but we do an even better job learning after each ban which only improves our methods. You wont find other Escape from Tarkov cheats with the quality or fast updates that we offer. We are proud to say we only sell the best EFT hacks currently on the market. Along with quality cheat we also have 24/7 support to answer your every question!

Why do people use EFT hacks?

EFT cheats give the user a massive advantage in the game. Usually people that are struggling to progress or stop enjoying the game turn to our cheats, many people say hacks destroy the game, but what about users that can only enjoy or progress with hacks? Not all cheaters kill everything on sight or want to mess up people days, we simply want to finish one match and not die or find that certain item to finish a quest. There are many reasons to utilize eft cheats and we have created them to fit every need helping to to progress to high levels while growing your stash and building your hideout at the same time.

Why are the features the same but not the price?

We have multiple EFT cheats listed on the store at the same time at different prices, Usually the Escape from Tarkov hacks price reflect the quality and work put into the cheat, like anything in our world.. you get what you pay for, and its no different with EFT cheats. This does not mean cheap Escape from Tarkov hacks are bad, just a lot more time, effort and work has gone into a more expensive cheat. Don’t let the price of the cheats put you off, a 200$ product might last 10+ Months without 1 ban while a 100$ product lasted only 5 months but you lost your account in the process, in the long run, its worth it. 

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You can find a lot of EFT cheats from the same place you found u, but you chose our site and are still reading this for a reason, when you buy one of our Escape from Tarkov hacks you become apart of the family, we are here 24/7 (apart from we are sleeping of course ?) to help you install your EFT cheats and provide support whenever you need it, you are in good hands. We have been in the customer support / cheat industry for over 10 years and became very tolerant to everyone questions. If you do decide to choose our cheats, here is a discount code to get you started, you can only use it once so choose wisely! We would like to show you notifications for the latest news and updates.
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