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      Welcome to BYPASS.GG these rules apply to our Discord, Websites and Forum Sections. You must read them carefully.

      failing to comply with these rules, will result in a permanent ban and your account may be deactivated without any warning.

      Read the our Terms of Service, you accept these terms when using our website or services.

      Terms of Service

      **Community Forum and Discord Rules**

      Do not post spam or insult other member or staff.
      Do not impersonate an administrator or a moderator / other staff.
      Treat all users, members and staff with respect.
      Do not sell any 3rd party products on our platforms. This includes goods and services.
      Do not publicly post any personal / sensitive information meant for an administrator or moderator.
      No hate speech, racism or abuse on other members or individual.
      No advertising.
      If you use the forumas, post in the correct forum section.
      No politics.

      **Account Rules**

      Only one forum account is allowed to be used, per user.
      Leaking, sharing and renting accounts is not allowed here.
      Giving a false reason for requesting a reset of an account is not allowed.
      Attempting to crack or modify the login client is not allowed.

      Any attempt to circumvent the rules will result in a instant Hardware ID ban and a permanent ban from the forum.

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