Please take your time to read the information below,

We have tried to provide you detailed instructions to get you started. It is important that that you follow each instructions step-by-step.
One incorrect setting and you may face problems.

If you follow each step as required you will be up and running in a matter on Minutes.

Follow this quick checklist,

1. Make sure your system is on the correct windows version. The System Requirements for each product are displayed on the store page description.

2. Uninstall other Anti-Cheat software on your pc, For security reasons the loader will not run if it detects Anti-cheat software from other games you might have installed.

  • Open your Control Panel. Go to Uninstall a Program, Search for Vanguard, Face it Esporta, ESEA, CEVO and other Anti-Cheats and uninstall them.

3. Make sure you can access your system BIOS, If you use a cloud PC you might not have the ability to access your system BIOS to apply the settings you need.

  • If you are running a cloud or rented machine that you remotely connect to, there is a high chance you cannot access your BIOS, therefore you cannot use these products. You should check with your provider if you can.
  • To access your BIOS you can follow this guide, otherwise use a method you know,

4. Ensure your self the product you choose is right for you. Take your time to read the products information and system requirements to make sure they suit your needs.

  • We reserve the right to deny any refund at any time. Since our services provide electronic, digital goods we do not offer refunds on used digital goods. You will not receive any refund for partial usage of the services provided, please make sure the subscription you are going to purchase is right for you.

5. It is not required to disable your Firewall / Anti-virus / UAC Control. However, If you encounter problems trying to use the loader, you must disable your Firewall / Anti-virus. If it persists, completely uninstall your 3rd party AV or close any persistent processes in your task manager.

  • If you need to disable your firewall you can follow the tutorial here:
  • Disable windows auto update to prevent future issues.
  • Disable all exploit protection.
  • Double check if CPU virtualization is required.
  • Update to the latest system dependencies.

Why you may need to disable your Firewall/AV

Our products may affect your system in ways trojans have been detected to work work, Because this behaviour has been flagged in the past it detects what is called a “false positive” and your system is taking extra precaution to protect you.
You can use the products with your protection still active but most users will face problems, so if you are not comfortable with this please do not continue.

HWID information

These product will bind to your machine to ensure you are the only user. We do however offer unlimited HWID resets for all products so if you plan to upgrade your PC or use another you do not need to worry.
This is not a free pass to abuse the system and any caught doing do will be limited to 1 HWID reset per week.

Windows versions

It is important you check your system version. The product may not run if you have an incompatible version. You may want to disable your Windows Auto Updates to stop your version changing without your input.

If your version is incompatible we have guide on how you can quickly install a new one if you follow this guide,

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