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  • Is your purchase complete, unsure what to do?

    Now your payment has complete, you have gained the Customer role and have access to the download and tutorial sections. Follow the steps below to learn where to find and manage your Licence keys, downloads and Instructions.
    Some of our loaders load from our domain and do not require a download.

    You can find your licence keys, download and instructions here:
     On the nav bar hover over "Store" and select Manage Purchases


    On the next page you will see a list of your completed orders.

    manage purchases.png

    On the left side, click the blue "Manage" button to display your key and download for that order:


    On this page you can see your Licence Key. Your key will always be here if you need to find it again.

    Now you have your key and download, its time to head over to the tutorial section on the forum.

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