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Bypass Rust Cheats Quality cheats with friendly support

Fully Customizable Rust hacks with some of the lowest ban rates. Bypass understands the value of customer satisfaction, that’s why we are are dedicated to supplying some of the best rust cheats on the market. We provide detailed instructions teaching you how to adjust your system and load the cheats with ease. Also offer remote installation services if you would like a professional to install your cheat.

We have all been there.. Its wipe day and you are on early farming your base then suddenly your ganked and lose all your hard work to some noob?. Using our rust cheats you can select from a wide range or visual features to see every player on your server!

The cheats are simple to load and use made with love and quality in mind. You will not experience any FPS drops or other performance issues while using our rust cheats. We strive to deliver the best performance possible!

The rust cheats we offer have been thoroughly tested to ensure the cheat is fit for sale. If you would like to become a tester, contact an admin.

Why should you purchase rust cheats from us ?

From developers that have been playing rust for years, we understand how frustrating it is when a feature does not work as described. We are constantly collecting feedback, good and back, from our users to improve our products.
We have a friendly support team that will take all of your feedback and questions and wont leave you until you are happy with our services.

Quality products

  • We are here with only 1 purpose. that’s to make a name for our self in this industry. Quality rust cheats that are easy to install and run with a wide range of fully customizable features with a crew of professionals guiding you along your way.
  • With minimal performance issues you will not experience any FPS drops or impacts to your PC’s performance.

Friendly Support

  • Striving to satisfy every customer that uses our rust cheats. Bypass understands the value of our customers and will answer all your questions and fix every problem you may have. Even if you are not a customer, If you have a problem with a product you bought else where our team will help you in their spare time.
  • Our admins and staff have been using rust hacks for many years. There is no problem they cant fix.

Total Transparency

  • At bypass we are completely honest about the status of our rust hacks. We are not here to make a quick buck but to make a name for our self’s in this industry. If the product is not working then the status page will reflect that.
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New to our website ?

Here are some getting started guides.

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Purchase Complete, What now?
Error Troubleshooting
How to check your Windows Version
How to Upgrade / Downgrade your Windows Version

Purchasing EFT cheats from us is simple.

First create an account and verify your Email address.
– Temp emails will be blocked, please use a legit email service.

Choose a cheat from our store.
– We have many payment options available.

Your payment is now complete, you have the customer role.
– Now you have access to the instruction and download sections.

Use the newly unlocked sections to download and install your Rust hacks
– Contact us on Discord or the ticket system if you require more help.

Easy setup

By making the rust cheat as simple as possible all you need to do is.. Enter your Licence key into the loader and hit Enter then open your game. Sometimes the loader will download a new rust cheat loader, you just need to do the same then load your game. We have guides for everything you may need to get going.

We have remote installation services available if you don’t feel like installing it your rust hacks your self.

Fast Updates

The rust cheat are updated as fast as possible. Incase of a game update the cheat will go offline and all users will be compensated for downtime. If bans are reported the cheat will instantly be taken offline to prevent further bans. An update will be pushed. Then the cheat will be open for the rust hack testers so we can ensure you are getting a safe product.
All downtime related for game and cheat updated is compensated fully.

Premium Features

As rust cheats have a high demand we are constantly adjusting the hacks to stay up to date with our competitors and customer requests. You can choose from cheats with ESP only functions if you don’t want rust aimbot. We offer full rage style hacks for the users looking for a thrill.

The cheats have 2 types of Rust Aimbot to choose depending on your playstyle.
Just because the cheat might be considered a rage cheat does not mean you have more risk at getting banned. You can choose which features you want to enable on the rust cheats if you want to keep rust aimbot disabled you can. If you want to enable admin mode only, you can. All of the features are optional.

Undetected cheats

Testers are running the cheats every day to alert us of bans so we can ensure we are delivering a safe product. You can use our rust cheat with confidence you will remain safe while cheating. When we receive a ban report the cheat is immediately takes offline and the status changed. an update will be pushed and the testers will trial the new cheat update to ensure everything is solid.
In-case of detections you will be comped for all downtime, you will have the same time left after the update as you did before.

looking for Escape from Tarkov Cheats

BYPASS.GG Undetected EFT cheats

We offer some of the best Escape from Tarkov Hacks and Cheats with built in HWID Spoofers.


First of all make sure you check the STATUS page as its live updated after every detection. It is best to wait for the cheat to come back online before you make a purchase as generally we do not give ETAs for updates as unforeseen thing can happen and can take longer than told.

You should always use a HWID Spoofer

When using Rust cheats it is recommended to protect your systems legit HWID from being blacklisted. This will cause problems when you play without cheats again. Using a HWID Spoofer will change your serial numbers. If you are banned only these “fake” serials are blacklisted and you only need to restart your computer and follow our guide to clean Rust trace files from your computer.

Although our rust cheats may be Undetected

Rust anti cheat collects detailed information from your gameplay patterns and uses this to calculate if you are using Rust cheats. This is why you need to play with caution. Use the provided cheat settings to adjust your smoothing and recoil so your kills look legit to the system and other players. Always remember that you can be reported if you are seen making impossible shots and may lead to you being banned.


As mentioned above we strive to make our customers happy and to only have good thing to say about us. We boast one of the lowest detection rates in the industry. HERE at bypass it is true that the customer comes first. We will not leave you until everything is working correctly.

  • We are completely honest about our rust hacks and their status.
  • Our status page will honestly reflect the status of the cheats.
  • Here we believe if you pay for a rust hack you should receive a working rust hack.
  • The staff members are experienced cheaters, online 24/7 answering every question.
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long will it take to get my Key?

All Rust hacks are delivered to your account instantly, along with your download and instructions for everything you need to get set up. Our Private products may require additional user verification.

Are you Rust cheats safe?

Our rust cheats are completely safe when following our live status page. If it says ONLINE then it is safe to use without getting detected. Please follow our rust cheat guide above to ensure maximum safety.

I cant find my key or download for the Rust hacks?

Your Licence key and download is instant delivered to your account after your payment has confirmed. Use the navigation bar to find your orders and navigate to your rust cheats. You cannot download the cheat file unless you are a customer.

How does the rust aimbot work?

The rust aimbot has many optional features, you can choose what body part of the target you want to hit and select the smoothness for your shots. The aimbot key can be bound to another key but default is Right-Click. You Hold Right-Click on your target to lock onto the chosen body part then you use the trigger as normal to fire the weapon. When you use the rust aimbot it will ensure every shot till be a direct hit onto your target!

How does the rust ESP work?

The rust ESP draws visuals around your enemy and shows you their location anywhere they may be hiding. With distance sliders you can control how far you want to see players or Items to loot. The rust ESP is fully customizable allowing you to change the colours to suit you. The rust ESP will usually display the enemy’s Name, Health, Weapon and other useful information helping you choose the right targets.

Do your rust cheats come with a Spoofer?

Our Rust cheats do currently come with a HWID Spoofer.
If you have not been banned using rust hacks Its recommended (not required) to not use a Spoofer. Thats if you don’t mind your HWID being blacklisted. The Spoofer has separate detection vectors and can be detected separately to the cheat.
The Spoofer is optional, you can choose to use the built in Spoofer or any 3rd party Spoofer of your choice.

What payments do you accept?

You can use Credit card, Apple Pay, Ali Pay, Skin pay, Bank Transfer, Cryptocurrency’s or Cash app to pay for rust hacks. Choose your suited method at the store checkout. Don’t forget to check the discount code section on the forum to see if any are active!

How do I get support?

If you have purchased a rust hack you can create a support ticket on the website, contact us in discord or open a chat on the chat bot on the website. We have staff active most of the time. If you are a guest, it is best to contact us using the live chat on the website.