Undetected Rust Hacks 2021: Rust cheats with Aimbot and ESP

Rust is one of the most successful games to ever release. Ever since the release of the Experimental version in 2013. The gave has exploded and attacked hundreds of thousands of players from around the world. All looking for hacks and cheats to maximise their gaming experience. Upon entering the world you will have to hunt for food and built a shelter to stay alive. The world of covered with resources to collect and craft into items to fend of any attackers looking to take your loot and the game is not at all easy. Facepunch Studios have managed to create one of the most challenging survival games to this day.

Like most survival games the player finds him self in a large world with no items or waypoints. Its a harsh reality but its what makes the game appealing to a lot of people. The game surely is an overwhelming experience. With full scale battles happening around you, players chasing you with spears and even people throwing rocks. All while your just trying to farm for a bow! You will find the start rough, but once you have made a few friends, and have teamed up to craft a base. You will find your self turning the tables on your opponents! and don’t forget to make use of the in-game voice chat to conspire with other players to overcome your enemies and take over the server!

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What is Rust?

Rust is one of the oldest survival games that is still actively played and the servers wipe on a frequent basis. This included both Rust Experimental and Rust Legacy. Over the years players players have learned to form clans and group together for wipe day. They do this to get the best advantage over solo players. Some people prefer the solo gaming side of rust as it is a lot more of a challenge. Without the ability to pause the game you need to be constantly aware of your surroundings and even if you go offline. Your character, gear and base is always loaded into the map. Without the help of friends you are playing a risky game and open your self up to be raided.

Why so many Rust CHEATS?

A quick search will show you there are hundreds of Rust cheats on the market that will give you performance enhancing ability’s greatly increasing your chances of survival. As the game as been our for many years. And from collecting feedback from other hackers. We have greatly improved the safety of our cheats and hacks and offer you a smooth sailing process while you battle for survival. If you don’t like the sound of Rust gaming you should browse our other product we offer like Apex Legends Hacks. Apex Legends is a lobby style game. You don’t need to worry about going offline for a long time. Browse our store to get instant access to the quality hacks, you can share access with your friends.

Rust Aimbot cheats

Aimbots are the most used cheats In Rust, the aimbot will override your weapon and aiming giving you robot like aiming capability’s, with the Rust aimbot you can headshot anyone at any distance with ease. Even if your target is moving, the cheat will calculate and predict the players movements, no missed shots, no delay.. Every single bullet will hit your target. The Rust Cheat will not shoot through walls. Its up to you to strategies and gain the upper edge on the landscape to overcome the enemy.

– Rust hack Silent Aimbot

Rust Silent aim will allow you to set the FOV slider. Any player in the radius on the screen will be finished in a matter of seconds. With no limits on distance or direction your facing, the bullet will always make its way to the target.

– Lock-on Rust Aimbot Hack

This will snap your crosshair onto the enemy’s chosen target. You can select (Head – Chest – Legs – Arms), Lock-on works with Smoothing Sensitivity options. These options slow down the aiming to the target making your shots look like they are humanized.

– Magic Bullet hack

Magic bullet is the most overpowered Rust aimbots. The bullets will completely ignore physics and teleport directly to the enemy’s head. If you feel like wiping a whole Rust server then this is the choice for you.

Coming from experienced users. Rust Is one of the hardest games to shoot in. FacePunch Studios have worked hard adding realistic psychics and real world recoil patterns into the game. But you do not need to worry at all, we have you covered!  As our Rust aimbots include many features it wont matter if you have a bad aim. Sign up to view the difference of features. Don’t forget to check the STATUS PAGE status before you make a purchase.

Choosing features like smoothing to make you shots look “legit” as it will imitate actual user fire or you can disable smoothing and enable features like, NoRecoil to disable recoil patterns on all weapons. Below we have included some of the other features you can expect when using out Rust aimbots.

  •  Distance Checker (Checks the distance between you and the target)
  •  Distance Slider (Adjust how far you want the Aimbot to lock)
  •  Aimbot Prediction (Predicts the direction the enemy will move to when you fire)
  •  Instant Kill (Instantly kills the target with 1 bullet)
  •  Auto-Switch (Aimbot will switch to the next closes target instantly after a kill)
  •  Auto Fire (Your gun will auto fire when an enemy is in your crosshair)
  •  Visibility checks (Checks if the target is in line of sight)
  •  Smooth Aiming (Makes your aim “Drag” to make your shots look humanized)
  •  Unlimited Ammo (Your weapons will never run out of ammo)
  •  Rapid fire (You can fire pistols and bows like a machine gun)

Rust Wallhack

The Wallhack, an extra feature bound to the ESP section of the Rust hacks. When enabled vision will penetrate walls, buildings and even the ground, allowing you so find players and loot hidden away. Wallhack can be said to be the safest feature to be utilized. With no log collection or traces you can spot enemies all day long without a worry.

Rust ESP and Item ESP

Player ESP, known as the most used feature throughout the cheating community, otherwise known as Extra Sensory Perception. The world of rust is Massive and you need to deal with rogue players on your journey to farm and survive, the Rust ESP  gives you an edge over the whole map and everyone on it, use it to track players and what weapons that are holding and use it to track weak targets for a juicy score, but not only that the Rust ESP will label lootable items in the world including nourishment, bases, weapons and utility’s, also showing you their Position, Worth and Distance. This is not everything included in the Rust ESP:

  • Locate and disable enemy Traps
  • Labels and location of every vehicle across the map
  • Animals ESP
  • Crate ESP
  • Radar Hack
  • Weapons ESP
  • Player Distance ESP
  • Health ESP
  • Names ESP
  • Skeleton ESP

Rust Auto-Gather cheat

The most time consuming thing in rust is the collection of materials, with the use of this hack you will automatically harvest materials like wood and fibre while your running through the world, you wont need to stop or put aside your other activates. the bot will harvest the material even if you’re in combat, making your farming life easy as possible.

Rust No recoil Cheat

Rust has the most advanced recoil patterns destabilizing your weapon shot after shot, it can be very difficult to control in a gunfight, the Rust cheat removes the recoil factor from all weapons letting you plant shot after shot direct into your desired target without fail, used with the no-sway hack will make you almost unbeatable in a 1v1. Also recommended for Online users that don’t want to use the Rust aimbot, this also offers increased safety.

Other Rust Hacks

Spiderman hack

Looking for some fun features? then your have come to the right place. The Rust cheat comes with a lot of Misc features like “Spiderman”. You can climb anything with this enabled even enemy bases! You don’t need to worry about falling when you can walk along the walls.

Rust Admin mode

Rust admin mode lets you make use of the built in Admin commands, You can change thing like the time and the weather of the server or enable the Debug cam to “freecam” anywhere you like, there are no limits where you can see, inside bases, underwater, through walls.. Anywhere! You need to be careful which servers you use rust Admin Mode on.

Rust Radar Cheat

Rust 2D radar cheat overlays a small radar in the corner of your screen, you and your teammates can keep track of all players positions and see which some too close. Using Rust Radar is safe and other player cannot easily detect you using it, It is the best option when you want to use Wallhacks.

Misc Rust hacks

Our Rust hacks have a lot more customizable features on the menus that will help you annihilate you enemy’s. Thick/Wide Bullet, Walk on Water, Admin mode, Instant eoka, Long Melee, Full Auto mode any weapon and many many more features. Our Rust hacks will fulfil your every need and give you the joy you are looking for.

Do these cheats work on Rust Experimental and Legacy

We are glad to say the Rust Hacks and cheats adapt to all variants of the game, as long as the mechanics, physics and weapons of each version stays similar and the coding technique don’t change, the same Rust hacks and cheats will be able to be utilized on any Rust Experimental or legacy game version without a reinstall.

Using Rust cheats and hacks for advanced survival:

Most users come to us because they are tired of getting wiped or losing all their kits to better players and clans and they run to Rust Cheats and Hacks to overcome the obstacles they are facing in the harsh world. Use the special ability’s to track the crates with the best loot inside. Farm materials to build a complex base and have it watch your back and warn you of enemies around you between.

Over the years and after masses of feedback we have been able to configure the Rust hacks for ease of use. They can be installed on any machine and anyone can use the Rust cheats, they are just that simple. You wont have to worry about carrying out your daily tasks with risk. Theoretically an AI will be watching your back at all times warning you of enemies and dramatically enhancing your aiming capabilities. Our Rust Cheats and Hacks wont disappoint helping you survive the tough world.

Basic / LEGIT Rust Hacks

For the cautious user we have a small range of what we call Legit Rust Hacks, this type of auxiliary features a very minimal range Cheats designed for the cautious user. The generally come with only ESP, No Recoil and Admin mode. This is where the name LEGIT comes from. It will troublesome for anyone to tell you have initialized these hacks as they have basic functions but work extremely well. If you are looking for Undetected Rust Hacks then Legit hacks are definitely suit your needs.

As requested from customers we will constantly try and implement every requested feature possible. We have a wide range of users all with different playstyles and goals that are searching for Rust cheats. We have tried to appeal to everyone possible. This is why you could say we have a large amount of new features, but don’t forget all the cheat features are completely optional and because your cheat may come with a lot of features, don’t mean you have to use them all.

Why are Rust Hacks like ESP, Aimbot, Wallhack used?

Being a massive online multiplayer open-world game comes a high demand for players to gain an advantage and progress as quick as possible. Rust is a game like no other, with the most empowering visual and audio effects the game certainly is a masterpiece. But progressing is tough and you will need to scavenge food and water to fur fill nourishment to your character. Build fires for heat and shelters to hide away from wondering creatures like bears and wolves that will attack you and even when you consider all things, something else will try to cut you down.

Its not important what you are trying to achieve when you are using Rust cheats. We have every feature that will advance you past your goals and you will be enjoying the game in ways you never knew existed. All of our rust cheats and hacks feature a different type of aimbot. As well as whole bunch of other features. Some cheats might appeal to others more than you. Some of our customers have been cheating in Rust for years. As a result have developed new skills way past yours. There is no need to worry though, we are here to guide you though every step of the Rust cheats.

If you are a big fan of survival games, there could not be more cheats on the market for you. But it will be hard to say which of these cheats will come close to the standards of NaCl Rust Cheats. We have been receiving good feedback from all of out customers for many months. Any bad feedback we collect we work on these issues instantly to fix any problems a user might of encountered.

Why choose our rust hacks?

We want you to know that all Rust Cheats and Hacks you will be downloading from NaCl Cheats is not only clean but of the highest quality made by the best developers in the industry. Some even some with a HWID SPOOFER, a spoofer keeps your main HIWD safe from being blacklisted. NaCl Cheats is one of the only places you should consider when you are looking to BUY Rust cheats. There are many cheat developers creating and releasing hacks for rust. Very few of these developer come close to the standard you will find with us. Our products are updated instantly after a game update we strive to made every user happy with only premium products and ensure quaility update.

If you are getting bored of playing rust of simply want experience the game from another view? If you are sick of farming materials just to keep dying and getting farmed from the enemy. Then using NaCl Rust Cheats and hacks is by far, the quickest and most simple way to go about it. Dont worry about getting banned. Very few of our user are banned and with 24/7 support and instantly delivery you will turn the table to your advantage in no time!

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